About Anne

I was born with various difficulties. One was bilateral hip dysplasia which placed me in the hospital a good deal of my childhood and adulthood. Three times in my life, I was declared dead, yet it was not my time. I have always been able to connect with vibrations from the other side, through my physical challenges (surgeries and other types of medical encounters). These have strengthened my abilities. I am choosing to work in faith and understanding. With early onset of life experiences, connecting to the other realms has always been very easy
for me. I have from an early age known that everybody can get over their life hurdles that are negative or empowering (It may not seem so positive at the time)! Through my life experiences and gifts (clairvoyance, clairaudience , mediumship, and medical intuitive), I have connected to the divine; where my faith shines through.

At the age of thirty five, I was told by a psychiatrist that I was psychic! I can see Auras, Charkas, feel Vibrations and pick up Spirits that need help connecting with love ones. Everything on this “earth plane” has energies and a vibration. This is how I read. Sometimes I pick up Spirit Guides, Helpers or Master Spirits. This helps me to give a reading for spiritual growth.

I have studied the Arts, Cultural Anthropology, Traumas, and Medical Education. Professionally I have been reading for about fifteen years. I started reading in Sonora California, performing with the musical group
“It’s a beautiful day”. In New Jersey, I worked at a cafe in Somerville, Sanctuary. I’ve contributed to books and articles about paranormal spirits in NJ. Currently in my life I give personal readings, work with some paranormal groups which investigate sprits and hauntings.

I want to help people understand that: the other side is a place of peace, love, non- judgment; like a backwards birth.
In this life when we come into this world, it feels cold and confusing (birth), when you pass, it is warm and confusing (death), because we have forgotten the celestial plane. This is where our soul groups, love ones, come in and help us to remember.