Prices for Readings

Travel costs may vary.

Readings can be scheduled online.

Group Readings1 (LIVE in person)

65$ Dollars per person (30 minutes each)
1 Minimum 4 people, Maximum 10 people, great fun at a small party

Special Events Group Readings2 (LIVE in person)

A one-time event fee of 450 Dollars for 4-6 hours of fun 15-minute readings
2 Intended as a fun, novel entertainment function, for a larger group, 16-25 readings, please call in advance to make specific arrangements.

Personal Readings3 (LIVE in person)

65 Dollars for 30 minutes
80 Dollars for 45 minutes
100 Dollars for 1 Hour
3 One on One Individual reading

Guided Meditations4 (Instructional)

15 Dollars per person (maximum of 10 people)
4 Approximately 50 to 70-minute session (not a reading, but a guided session),
sessions may be combined for attendance count in advance

Phone Readings5 (Individual)

35 Dollars for 15 minutes
65 Dollars for 30 minutes
75 Dollars for 45 minutes
100 Dollars for 1 Hour
20% Discounts for Birthdays just  e-mail me

Reading Discounts May Apply (limited to use of one at a time)

20% Referred with Brochure
20% Referred with Psychic Fair Information
20% Referred with MEET-UP Group

Contact Information

Call me at (916-715-3226) or email me from my contact page.

Cancellation  Policy

I require 24 hours cancellation/re-schedule notice before travel start date to assure a returned deposit. The deposit is non-refundable if canceled after the 24 hours. I reserve the right to cancel or adjust appointments as required and refund any deposit obtained. I realize Emergencies occur, so I will try my best to re-schedule our time and plans with your adequate notice when possible.


Intuitive Anne Temple – (916) 715-3226

Ethics and Disclaimer


A good intuitive/psychic will not make a decision for you. Intuitive/psychic readings can provide helpful insight, information, guidance, and a second opinion. Learning to listen to your own instincts and intuition is the best way to apply what you have learned from your intuitive or psychic reading. It is not advised to base any actions in you life, solely on the information given to you buy the reader. You are ultimately the one who is responsible for every thing you do, therefore you must be the one who ultimately makes the decision. Let your intuitive or psychic reader give you insight, guidance, options, and ideas for what actions to take. Take what you want and leave the rest.


I want to make it clear that I am working on a spiritual level. I’m not a physician or a mental health professional so please seek out appropriate help if needed Readings can be inspirational. I reserve the right to refuse readings at my discretion.