Psychic Info


A Psychic is a person who is sensitive to energy. Psychics can detect, interpret, and work with the energetic emanations around them without the use of the 5 ordinary senses. These energetic emanations can come from locations, inanimate objects, people, etc.

Psychics can possess any or all of the following psychic abilities / psychic senses:

Clairvoyance (clear-seeing) – Seeing objects, events, people, auras, etc. which cannot be perceived with ordinary vision.

Clairaudience (clear-hearing) – Hearing sounds outside the range of ordinary auditory perception.

Clairsentience (clear-knowing) – Possessing/Obtaining knowledge without the use of the ordinary senses. Empathy, psychometry, intuition, and “hunches” are common examples of clairsentience.

Clairolfaction (clear-smelling) – Smelling scents which are not detectable by ordinary means. Smelling someone’s perfume, favorite flower, cigarette smoke, etc., are very common manifestations of clairolfaction.

Clairgustation (clear-tasting) – Tasting a substance without the presence of something in the mouth. This psychic sense will sometimes manifest in dramatic ways, including tasting entire meals, experiencing the taste of blood in the mouth, the taste of medicine, etc.

It’s important to note that not all psychics are mediums.


A Medium is a person who is able to communicate with what are commonly known as “Spirit Beings” and one who passes this information on to others. All mediums are psychic and, most times, use a combination of their psychic gifts and Spiritual communication abilities to best assist those they serve. The purpose of a medium is to provide evidence of the continuation of life after the transition known as “death.”

Psychics and Mediums can come from any religious background or any Spiritual Path.


Many psychic practitioners use psychic tools: Runes, I-Ching, Tarot Cards, pendulums, etc., are all examples of psychic tools. All psychic tools are merely aides in focus for the psychic. Which tool is used, if any, is nothing more than a matter of preference of the psychic. When psychic tools are used, the practitioner relies upon their innate psychic abilities to interpret the possibilities and information reflected within or by the tool they are using.


Some psychics have the gift of prophecy ( precognition ) and will make predictions about possible future events. Many psychics and most mediums will not make these predictions. This is something that varies depending upon the individual, their training, gifts, and comfort level.

When a psychic or medium does make predictions it’s important to keep in mind that nothing is set in stone. Anything that can be foreseen can be changed. The free will of the client (who always has the power), the choices they make, and the nature of life itself can alter the course of a person’s Path. A skilled, experienced, and ethical psychic medium will take the time to explain that any prophesy or predictions they may make during a reading are (simply put) the most likely outcome based on the current energy patterns, direction, and information at the time of the reading. It is also important to keep in mind that prophecy and prediction rarely make up the largest part of a psychic reading.

Tips for a Good Reading

Proper Preparation

It’s important to have realistic expectations about psychic readings. Be aware and remember that by it’s very nature working with Spirit and with psychic energy requires the participation of at least one human and humans are imperfect creatures. All messages and information received by the psychic or medium must be interpreted first by an imperfect human channel and then by the intended recipient. Most professional psychic mediums have an accuracy percentage of 80% or greater, however this does not mean that the practitioners are without error. Anyone who claims to be 100% accurate, 100% of the time is being less than honest.Having a healthy amount of skepticism is good but attempting to withhold information or deceive the psychic in order to test them will most likely result in the disruption of energy flow and a poor reading. This sort of testing is not necessary as a good psychic medium will provide you with ample evidence of their abilities (a.k.a. validations) during the course of your reading.

Also, many practitioners offer several types of services. Take time to review these and decide upon what you want prior to scheduling your session and be aware that the goal of an honest and sincere psychic medium is always to empower and guide those with whom they work, not to make them dependent.


Honesty is Imperative

Being honest with your reader and yourself is of the utmost importance to the success of your reading. Be sure to take time before your reading to decide what information you are seeking and whether or not you are truly prepared and willing to accept the information you may be given. Many people go from psychic to psychic, piling up an expensive stack of unsatisfying experiences and frustration because, in truth, they are seeking someone who will tell them only what they want to hear. A good psychic or medium takes their work very seriously and is obligated to share the information they receive with those they serve. Remember, the intent of honest and sincere psychics and mediums is to inspire, encourage, enlighten and empower. If they were to tell you only want you want to hear, they would not be being true to their work, their own Spirit, or their Higher Source.



It’s a common misconception that the person receiving a psychic reading must sit quietly and reveal nothing to the reader. While it’s possible that some people may choose to work this way (if they do, they will inform you of their expectations before your session), most psychics and mediums desire and welcome communication during the reading. Contacting your reader with feedback and confirmations after your session is also usually welcome because often the information brought to light during a reading will make sense at a later time. The energy that psychics and mediums work with is constantly changing and good practitioners are eternal students who are in a constant state of honing and perfecting their abilities. Letting your reader know when they are correct helps the energy flow and ensures them that they are interpreting what they are receiving with the highest level of accuracy.This is not to imply or encourage you to give your reader a lot of detailed personal information prior to or during your session. Simple “yes” and “no” responses will let the psychic medium know that they are on the right track. Most psychic mediums will want to keep information to a minimum prior to your session. Things such as: your name, the name of the person or persons on which you wish to focus, areas of concern or interest (“finances,” “romance,” “Spiritual Path,” and etc.) are sufficient. Supplying more information than is necessary deprives the psychic medium of the opportunity to fully serve you and it deprives you of the confirmation, evidence, and validation that an authentic psychic reading and mediumship session can offer.


Courtesy and Consideration

Each psychic and medium has unique gifts and methods which they have worked for years to develop. Follow the guidelines that they suggest for your reading and allow them to proceed in their own established manner. Do not expect your reading to be done the way another psychic or medium may perform readings. Also keep in mind that while your reader has devoted their life to serving others and their Higher Source, they are still people too with real and complicated personal lives. They must deal with the daily responsibilities and demands of life just like everyone else and many have families at home. Be respectful of the amount of time and energy they devote to their work by scheduling appointments and following stated guidelines for cancellation procedures and follow up on your session. Most practitioners will do their level best to be flexible and available to you for questions or as needs arise. Please do not demand or expect your psychic to be “on-call” 24 hours a day or available in an instant, unless of course this is a service they have offered to you.



It’s always a good idea to meditate or pray prior to your session. Spending time focusing on the questions you have and reasons you are seeking a psychic reading helps to ensure that you are focused but relaxed and ready to receive. Communicate with your Higher Source and ask for discernment regarding your reading. You want to arrive with an open heart and mind but remember that two of your greatest gifts are free will and choice. Never give your personal power away and never rely solely upon the advice you receive from anyone to make major life decisions. Weigh what you are told against your own common sense and the information you have available to you in your life. Be responsible for your life and own your actions. You are in control.While there are plenty of caring, authentic, accurate, and gifted psychic mediums out there, the unfortunate reality is that there are also many charlatans in the metaphysical field. Common sense and preparation will go a long way towards protecting you against those who would take advantage of you.

It’s important to realize and understand that psychics and mediums are not “cure-alls” for grief nor are they replacements for your own intuition, common sense, and Inner Guidance. You are the only expert on you and your life. You not only have the right but also the responsibility of making your own decisions and choices. Everyone needs guidance, help, and advice from time to time but relying too heavily upon a psychic medium will only prolong your grief and damage your own intuition and decision making abilities. It’s a good rule of thumb to seek a psychic medium reading no more frequently than every three months. Anyone who encourages or allows you to schedule services more often than this on a regular basis may be someone who is less than honest. Authentic and honest psychic mediums will always work toward healing and empowering you, not making or allowing you to be dependent upon them.