March 10th 2016

Anne Temple is a very gifted psychic medium. With her soft spoken words she is very poignant and careful in staying in contact with spirit as she reads. I have had many readings with Anne all different and exactly what I needed at that moment in time. The names and timelines that she comes up with is pretty much on point. Always a pleasure to call Anne when I need some guidance and reassurance very helpful. I highly recommend her.

Denise Wilson

September 10. 2013

Hello Anne, I am so happy that I grabbed your card so that I have the opportunity to thank you for touching my heart and sharing with me my grandparents messages.

You validated so many things for me and my family- especially my father. I haven’t stopped thinking about our few minutes together and what all the symbols meant my grandma shared with you/me. I’m still taking time to digest everything but would definitely be interested in doing a future reading to possibly talk to my grandparents more if they allow. Thanks again and hope you enjoy the rest of your trip! We are in San Francisco now and plan to go to Monterey and Big Sur before heading home to Camarillo. Take care and thank you to you and your husband for your kind words and taking the time out to provide numerology and readings from my family! I really can’t thank you enough! Michele ūüôā¬†¬†

August 30 2013


 Dear Anne I wanted to say thank you for the best reading I have ever had and helping answer my questions even before I asked. It was enlightening and does have me thinking a little differently yet clearer. Thank you for clarifying what I thought I knew. It has been a great experience meeting you and I hope we will met again you are a powerful woman with a lot to give and I am glad I have been able to see it first-hand.  

Your new friend Jennifer  

August 3 2013  

Thank you for taking the time to walk through our house. Things you said were spot on and I really enjoyed being a part of it. Also thanks for knowing you needed to bite your tongue about a few things that were also told to you about the boyfriend. They were not ready to hear it.  Thank you again for everything it was a great experience.

Jennifer cozzitorto
Folsom, Ca

Friday, May 18, 2012

 Dear Anne Temple I would like to thank you for your services in connecting my deceased father with my mother. My mother was very surprised that you began communicating almost before we were able to sit down and did not stop until we left an hour later. The whole time, you were right on. It was as if my father was sitting (physically) in the room with us in a relaxed atmosphere. The whole session was informative, to the point, and very enjoyable. Mother was glad to hear that dad was still around keeping an eye on her but most of all, he was still waiting for her 20 years later. You were right on when talking about the rest of the family, as well (on both sides).

I have experienced a variety of Gypsy’s, Channeler’s, and Psychic’s in my experience and you are one of the very best. You do not waste time, you get right to the point, you tell it like it is, and you are so right on.

There is no dog and pony show. We thank you so very much. I have seen those that charge twice as much while providing only half the information that you were able to translate. We thank you so much or this rewarding experience. Mother will cherish that experience for years to come.

 I definitely recommend you to anyone who needs to communicate with those on the other side.

Best Wishes in your future. Your friend,

Rev  Rev Kenneth D Klaman
PO Box 936 Roseville, CA 95678-0936Kenn


Thanks, Anne! You were really seeing our situation very well. Very ACCURATE with everything. You really picked up on our thoughts and feelings very well. I didn’t have to say much at all. Elizabeth, NY


Anne thanks you so much for your amazing clarity on the situation at hand! I really do feel lost and confused, but you help me ameliorate those feelings and it’s the biggest blessing of all! Thank you and I will be back for more very soon! God bless!!*****

Olivia 1/25/2012 You continue providing me with information and predictions that come to pass. I do value what you say because you have not given me anything that did not happen as you predicted Thank you Anne. Rosa¬† ¬†Dallas Texas 12/06/2011 There is NOBODY in the world who can answer my questions with the clarity that Anne does. I can come to her in a fog, and leave totally clear. She is not like other readers; she is the Super-Duper-Real-Deal. Everyone in my family completely respects her and goes to her, and only her with their questions. She stands out like the bright light she is. She is NOT going to tell you what you want to hear. But, what she is going to tell you is what WILL HAPPEN. At least a Dozen readers told me I would marry P, for years…Anne was the only one to say No, not him. She saw someone else. Turns out she was the only one who was right; told me about my husband years before. Michelle Seattle Washington 9/17/2011

My 1st time reading but I will definitely be a return customer. Anne’s reading was so accurate it was jaw dropping. She has a great personality and the information just flows. I barely had to ask a question and I got all the info I wanted and more. Anne, Thank you so much, I wish I could have talked longer but money is crazy tight right now! I feel absolutely blessed to have found you and I will call again when I can!

Hugs, Amy August /04/11

Anne is a true psychic. Few months ago, she predicted that I would see butterflies in the form of an invitation from B. Invitation came with 2 little butterflies inside envelope. Not from B., but still was exact on the invite. Now sees breakthrough in communication coming maybe later in month. He’s lonely and in depression (very true). I also asked about Marita, and Anne saw her right away as a friend and nothing more, and that she helped him but creates problems for everyone. Yes, she did. She was his nanny and caused problems for a few people.

All the very best, Ruth

April /03/11

I talked to Anne about an item that was missing in my office and told her who I thought took it. Anne said that it was not the person I thought then she describes another person and details about the person‚Äôs person appearance who actually took the item. We later found out that the person an described took an item from another person‚Äôs office as well for which we found evidence…I was totally blown away with the level of detail she knew about the person who was stealing in the office. Thank for always giving reading that are 99.9% accurate.

 Rosa Phoenix Az

 March /15/11

Thanks for another fantastic reading. I have been reading with Anne for around 7 years and she is amazing. Whenever I call, I do not have to say a word and she tells me what is happening around me. She has also been accurate with predicting future events. Such a gifted soul!

Lindsey- L. A, CA

Feb /18/11

Gosh, what a FABULOUS medium Anne is. I had no idea I had some entity (i.e. ghost) around me, but she did. I just thought I was having a really emotional week. She told me how to help him, and I did as she told me, and voila! he is now gone! No more nasty dreams, restlessness, or bumping in my room! There are very few famous mediums on keen, but Anne is well known. That’s because she is very, very gifted. Let her share her gift with you. Your life will change for the better.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

  Kathy- D.C

Feb /2/11

Dear Anne:

I spoke to you the other night and you mentioned something about a white wired bed. I had no clue what that meant. Today, I looked at a photo album from 2005. Gabi’s daughter, Hana, was born prematurely. Hana’s hospital bed was white “wire” metal bars! There’s one photo with me leaning over the bars watching Hana, and there’s a picture of Gabi taped to the side. Not sure what the jumping up and down is about, but the white wired bed did exist.

I wonder if this is the white wired bed that Gabi was talking about?

Our talk the other night left a great impression on me. I am now constantly looking for signs that my friend is still around me and holding my hand.

You also mentioned that she chuckled and didn’t tell me everything when I spoke about a friend back east with whom she would like her partner to be with if she should die. I’m not quite clear what that meant, but I guess time will tell.

I will certainly call again. You spoke of several things that have been confirmed including a friend of Gabi’s who is older and has stomach problems. I know who this person is and you’re right, she has stomach problems.

Many thanks and I hope that Gabi is working on Bob to open up and communicate with me soon

All the very best Ruth


Thanks so very much, Ann, for your help with finding my son, you assured me he was alive & described his situation & enviornment exactly as they turned out to be, your reassurance was a lifesaver. You are very gifted intuitively & I am so happy to have you as a friend! And I will likely be calling again soon for some personal guidance. Bless you, Ann !

-Jeanie White

Jan /02/11

I have known Anne for over two years. In that time, she has made accurate predications as well as seeing things that were happening in real time, things she couldn’t have known. I didn’t even know. An example is she saw that my ex was dating a woman. Anne described the woman physically, her age and also what she did for a living. I contacted my ex and asked him about it. Anne was 100% correct!

Not only is she a good psychic, she has a very warm and calming energy. She is great at helping you find perspective when you are confused or scared. She never takes her ability for granted. Anne is kind, ethical and truthful. I recommend her enthusiastically.

-Kimberley Johnson

March /10/10



January /12/10

Anne is very consistently accurate. I have been a regular customer of Anne’s for about 7 years. She has guided me through a lot of situations. She is very dependable with providing me with predictions that have come to pass. The most recent was she told me that the top manager would be leaving. The manager she told me about have been with the company for over 10 years and was asked to leave. Way to go Anne!!!


December /5/09

Anne provided uncanny insight into my life. I didn’t even tell her why I called. She nailed it and started providing me with “spot on” information before I said anything but my name. She gave me tons of details about my current situation … real details – not generalities … that show a strong connection and true psychic ability. Her predictions are details and have time-frames. This was my first call but Anne is now my favorite “go to” psychic advisor


November /22/09

Anne has always been amazing for me. Just the other day she saw someone around me, and I thought it wasn’t possible. He called the very next day and every day since! Call her! You will be amazed too….


August/25/ 08

In 2008, I found out my ex was seeing someone but didn’t know the details. I mentioned it to Anne and told her I really didn’t want to know. Then, a couple of weeks later it was eating at me and I called her for a reading. She started seeing everything so clearly, she described this woman’s height, hair, age, ethnicity, how they met and much more. She explained that she was way more into him than he was into her. Anne told me she felt very clear about what she saw. I called him and started asking questions about this woman and as it turned out Anne was COMPLETELY correct on every point. He is a police officer and she said they met while he was working and they did. She said this woman was a nurse or worked in a hospital. He verified that is true. There have been several other occasions where she completely predicted things she couldn’t have guessed. Anne truly has the gift. She is a warm ad loving soul who wants to use the ability she has to help and guide. I consider her to be my friend and I trust her.


August -9-08

I wanted to let each of you know something very amazing … On Tuesday evening I spoke with Anne Temple on the phone and we talked about my Dad. And Anne, without my telling her first, described my Dad to a “t”. She then went on to tell me that he was very upset about some recent deaths in our family (we lost two great Aunts a couple of weeks ago), which was making him think about growing old and dying. As a result he was on a quest to regain his independence and didn’t want to answer to anyone (which is why he didn’t check in on Saturday, etc). She also warned that he is very confused and feeling lost (emotionally), not really knowing what he was doing. She also told me that she was seeing “Oregon”, and that somehow a train was involved. Then she went on to tell me that he was indeed going to come home within the next 48 to 72 hours (72 hours would be Friday).

As you know, the last place he called from was Yreka, which is the last town on highway 5 before Oregon. So it is very possible that he had been in Oregon most of the time.

Then last night Anne and I talked again, and she told me “He’s going to be home tonight, but very late”. He came home at 10:00 PM (very late indeed for my parents).

I am very thankful to Anne’s gift, and in her encouragement and ability to help me stay calm and hopeful.

Take care,


August -25-07

Anne. Three years ago when I met you, I knew I would never get into a relationship, I thought I would die a lonely old lady with 2 cats. You tried to tell me that I would get into a relationship, I would have new kitten in my life and I would really fall in love. In disbelief I listened. Now three years later, I am in love with a wonderful man I never thought could happen, as well as a little kitten. My life is so full of love at this time and I thought it was never ever going to happen to me. Thanks Anne for believing in positive things in my life and my future, helping me make my dreams come true, now reality. Sincerely,

-Debbie (ex-lonely cat lady)

March -30-07

Once again you just amaze me with your reading. Your accuracy just shocks even the words WOW doesn’t describe how accurate you are I am in shock at everything you picked up right down to knowing I changed my sheets today. I am in awe of you and your gift. I can’t think of another reader that is as gifted as you and I trust everything you tell me and you advice I know is correct. Thank you so much for your help, reading and all your advice I can’t appreciate it more then I can tell you. Everything you said last time we spoke has come to pass so I have no doubt about what we spoke about this time will be fine also. Thanks Again.