Meditation ( Meet your spirit Guides)

Dec 1st 2019 – 7:00 PM

5443 College oak dr Sacramento, ca 95841

Come and join me learning about your Angel & animal guides;

we are all born with Angel guides then there are other types that will protect us throughout our lives. When we talk

about animal guides they connect us to the earth and help us understand ourselves in a higher level. I feel that they are both important and I hope you come and join me.



Dec 13 2019 7 pm, Psychic Circle

Come and Join me at the Psychic Circle; 

Each group we’ll work on something different like psychic games, channeling, Mediumship, and other interesting stills. I’ve been a professional Psychic over 28 years and was born intuitive/ medium. I’ve been a teacher for another psychic 


Dec 8th  2019 at New Earth 1o:00 am – 6:00 pm

Crown Plaza Hotel, 5321 Date Ave  cross street; Madison Sacramento 95841

I Hope you will join us there! Come to New Earth Expo and get a reading or healing from one of your favorite intuitive readers or healers. There will be crystals, jewelry, magical tools, healing tools, massage, crafts from around the world, and much more. I will be there giving Numerology/tarot readings and selling inspirational jewelry and books. There will also be free speakers and demonstrations all day. General admission is $10.00



Dec 10th  2019 Christmas party 6:00 pm

1100 Melody Lane, Roseville, ca

We’re having a Christmas party and potluck! Come and join the fun!
There will be a raffle for some goodies!

*Please bring a gift for the gift exchange ($20 value)
*Please bring a Potluck dish
*Please bring tarot or other oracle cards.
*We will be giving each other mini readings at this event, so everyone
will get a free reading.

Paper plates, Drinks, cups, and utensils will be provided.

Any questions, please call Melanie at (916) 920-7832

You also can find exciting classes
to sign up for (tarot readings, etc..) by looking at Melanie’s website. Channell

We would like to see everyone learn how to expand your knowledge and intuitive gifts.

We want to invite all of you to embrace being family in the psychic enhancement group.



Remember Our addresses: 


5443 College Oak drive, #31 Sacramento, Ca   95841


, please call Melanie at (916) 920-7832






Melanie & I do a lot for our group. We make up brochures, provide a comfortable environment, plus set up snacks to enjoy. Please RSVP, the purpose is so we know HOW much will be needed for the meeting, in advance. It helps us prepare and gives you a better meeting experience. RSVP’s let us know that you plan and intend to be at a meeting.


Anne’s web sites:

I also do readings at my home.