Waking up in my room, hearing voices all round me, it seems never
ending. Outside everyone was racing to get somewhere or do something. There is
a mid-size window by my bed that I look out to see what the weather is like
today. I hear a voice calling out my name, “Anne, Anne Temple… she was
looking at my wrist band. I’m Nancy, how are you feeling today? I’m your nurse
this morning. Would you like to clean up before breakfast?” I looked up at
her smiling, thank you Nancy. She looks at me with a smile asking, “How’s
your pain level today between 1- 10?” Telling her it is around an 8, she
swiftly goes to the cart and gets me some meds, “this will help the
pain”, she says as she smiles at me.

A few days ago I came here to have another operation. The Doctor
had told me yesterday there had been some complications. He wanted me to stay
for a few more days. After the surgery I had these foggy images, a feeling of
being connected, peaceful and loved. I had no idea why I felt so peaceful at a
soul level. Physically I was in pain, hated this room, yet with all this, I was
feeling loved. I knew everything would be fine. After a while Nancy came back
in to help me clean up and then bring my breakfast. My Mother walked in, asking
“how are you feeling today?” her tone was calm, but her face seemed very
trouble. “You remember anything after the surgery Anne?” I looked at
her, trying to eat a bit of my breakfast and answering ‘No Mom, but everything
is going to be fine, I just know.’ Mom looked puzzled. “They told me
you’re in a lot of pain. We almost lost you. Your Doctor said there is a chance
you won’t walk again.” I smiled as I was finishing my breakfast, ‘I want
to tell you something I remember Mom.’ She sat down, ‘Mom, you want some of my
breakfast? I can’t eat any more.’ She replied “No, try to eat as much as
you can sweetheart.”

Soon after Nancy took my breakfast away, and as I was looking at my Mother I said, ‘I want to talk with you about something. It’s still foggy. I’m afraid if I don’t tell someone I
will forget.’ My Mother being a patience woman just winked at me and listened.
I started talking, ‘Mom during the surgery it was as if time stood still. When
the Anesthesiologist put me to sleep I remember him asking me to count backward
from 100 and then I was sleep. This time it was a lot different. I usually
remember nothing and wake up in the recovery room. I’m not sure how to explain
or why or how it was different.’ My Mom looked at me, “what do you mean
honey?” I continue to talk as she listened. ‘It was like a dream yet so
very genuine. I was in this wonderful place. It felt loving, peaceful and warm;
connected to everything. I had this feeling like someone was whispering to me
“Telling me just to wait, not to be afraid.” I want to say it seemed like there
was light around me, yet it was more than that, Mom. I felt like people were
around reassuring me not to worry. One time I heard in the distances some
voices that seemed panic-ed, but they were outside this place. The people
around me just held me closer. It seemed as if they did not want me to connect
with the distress. I was in awe; I felt no pain, just warmth and a loving
touch. Then the time started to more again. The others around me gently let go,
telling me I would be fine and not to worry. I felt the warmth slowly moving
away. Then I was in the recovery room. The nurses told me strongly to keep
awake. It was cold and not all the warmth or peace as it had been. What do you
think Mom?’

My Mom just looked at me asking only one question: “Did you feel like you knew these people?” I replied, ‘Yes, I don’t know who they were, but I felt they were a part of
me.’ She smiled, “Anne, I went through something like this, yet I was
floating and I saw the Doctors, Nurses, everyone panic-ed and I felt the warmth,
love and yet not connected to my body.” I asked her, ‘When did this
happen?’ She said, “When I was having your sister Margaret. We both almost
died.” I felt so connected to my Mom. I am glad I told her. She just sat
there and smiled. After this experience, I wasn’t afraid of death, I know there
was a place with love, warmth, no judgment and peace. I know this was a Journey
into the Light. My Mother’s journey was a little different, yet we both knew it
was the same place.

This is one of my experiences, Into the Light. Many people have gone through their journey and returned to share the peace, warmth and love, which I believe, is a connection
to a deeper soul level that all of us will receive. We are never alone; this
light connects each of us to each other. Enjoy your journey, for the peace I
feel, we all will receive.

Blessings -Anne

Dating 101 – Circle of Love

In a relationship we go through changes, sometimes we make it and other times we don’t.  A bond is felt between two people and then something happens. Can we explain these through psychological perspectives so we don’t feel there sometimes wrong with us?

We’re learning about the circles of love, lust and relationships that are normal in everyone’s life. Everyone has different times on each stage. Some people go fast and other takes their sweet time. Then we have other’s who are just is in the middle with their timelines.

We’re going to explore the stages that we all go through; getting to know if this is our soul mate.

Stage one – I just want to be close to you.

We meet someone and they make us laugh. We feel a bond and this energy feels so very good exciting. Going out on dates or doing things together, it feels good. They really look good to me “like wow”. Feeling excited asking “is this is my soul mate?”, yet it’s just too soon. They dress up and want to please me in every way they can. We like the same things and all is right in this world of new beginning, I just want to be close to you.

Stage Two – Is this the same person?

After awhile we aren’t doing so much together, we seem to feel different. Still feels nice yet what’s happening?  They just don’t want to dress up as much as before.  We feel conformable together so this is OK for now.  It feels like the bond is there yet we’re moving slower.  Is this the same person?
I’m not sure if I like what they are doing all time. Can we stay together is this the right one?  Some will talk to a psychic or advisor for advice and others will work it out on their own. Do we see red flags or is there fire still smoldering?
In this stage (two) we often find out if this is the long term relationship we have been looking for.

Stage Three- Will we marry?

We are really doing it. This could be the ONE.  The excitement is still around, but not as intense, yet they make me feel good. We do things together and I have times when I can be myself.
The relationship feels good and I can trust them. I know they’re not perfect yet we have all the right stuff. I can talk and do things will them or just sit in the same room. It feels great.
What do we do next?  Could we get married? This may be my souls mate?
We talk and discuss up how we want to try to live together or get married. Though our eyes we desire to live in the same house, it makes sense, we can help each other and we’re getting tired of going to each other’s place.  We could be married, connected.
These stages in dating 101 can help us understand where we are in our relationships.
Some make it and others don’t, yet throughout history this is (for the most part) the way it works.
Even in cultures with arranged marriages.

I hope this helps anyone who reads this blog.  Realize that there are stages for a healthy relationship, there’s nothing wrong with us if it doesn’t work out.   There are just some people who we aren’t compatible with us. There are others who we will get through these relationship stages and can be together.  Exploring these stages will help you understand who is your “soul mate”, and the Circle of Love.

Food for thought

The Journey

When we are born into this world as innocent souls (babes), the directions we have chosen are very clear. As new souls we remember where we came from and where we’re going. Not yet contaminated by the worlds’ ideas and fears. As our life flows forward we start to forget that we’re neutral souls with just pure love around us. We start to learn how to fear, forgetting the pureness of joy, faith, and harmony from the divine. We see on our path, there are many rocks in the way (fear), so the clarity gets suppressed. Moving through issues, we get muddy, we move towards confusion. Finding ourselves learning about sins, shames, and biases, these affect our journey. Sometimes, we’re overwhelmed with all the drama from others. So now we have learned impurity (Not Love) overpowering emotions, judgments and pains. We forget the purity we came into this world with. Our family and friends will be the first souls shaping us. We can get poisoned from some belief systems; then not trusting, the feeling of ‘lost’ can grow. The pureness of love, the conscious, we had in the beginning becomes polluted and turns into fear.

As life experiences increase, we move faster and a bit bigger. Guess what happens next? As more difficult experiences get in our way, we learn to deal with them but picking up the baggage. Some of us find it easier than others. Some will feel so overwhelmed that the troubles feel negative. The struggles can get in our way. Small, medium or large; learning how to deal with them can confuse us even more.

Now here is where Karma comes into play, our life lessons. Do we remember the beginning, a non toxic soul? Learning how to deal with fears that get in our way?

We come to a place I will call “destiny”, trying to find how we can move pass these turning points. Feeling blocked, uncontrollable pain, we can become cold and lost. We see another soul who we imagine can connect with us. We’re not feeling so separated, lonely and dark; being embraced by the warmth and protection of the new soul. The “illusion” is becoming bigger, stronger, and faster than before. Fears are slowly forgotten, and seem to leave us. The struggles we now remember seem fewer. We feel that the other soul will protect us. Then, he/she moves always from us because their life lessons are different than ours, protecting themselves from the danger of getting off their true course. Destiny creeps in. Our fears seem to revisit, not ever truly resolved. The illusion fades, reality sets in, a life lesson.

How do we deal with this lesson? Positive? Negative? Neutral? Our life lessons become harder because we’re not protecting ourselves from these fears. We let toxic waste overwhelm us at every point, disharmony enters our lives. When our life lessons are not learned, they can become rockier and more difficult. Destiny again pops in, if we choose to follow the illusion, we don’t grow. Free will is not as easy as it seems. We find ourselves trying to move towards our path once again. Others come to us from our soul group also moving toward consciousness. So we join with them and flow faster with excitement, but there are doubts and other confusing ideas. We can feel lost and lonelier again than ever. An ignored lesson, a lesson not learned an illusion, so let it be recognized. We can grow and flow, towards harmony and love as long as we act upon life.

In the beginning as innocent souls, as babes, we are not contaminated, we are clear and warm. We’re not tainted by negative thoughts. We learned about sins, shames, biases and loose our purity. We need to learn how to overcome our obstacles, the mountains that get in our way. The passage back to our true selves, the journey reclaiming how to “love thyself”. It is our destiny to be whole and in harmony. If we do truly love, then we can see through the illusions. Learning life’s lessons can be easier than we think. Thinking that by just connecting to someone in life will help our lives and destiny is the deception. We need to love ourselves, feeling in harmony, and then we become capable to love others, as our true divine destiny.

Food for Thought