Dream the Impossible Dream

Dreams can come true by
working outside the box and understanding that life isn’t just black and white.
There are all kinds of gray tones in our world, and most of the time we, being
logical, have a hard time seeing the possibilities. Dualism can help us to an
extent, yet when we only see things in two ways we’re missing things. Let’s
open the box, play with all the colors inside, expand our ideas, and see where
it can lead us.

Most of us remember the movie the “Wizard of Oz”.
This movie starts in black and white, on a farm with a little girl who is
afraid. Then we see the winds turning, and suddenly color comes into play.
Dorothy is in pursuit of security, in color, not just black and white. By
facing her fear, she is no longer afraid. She has come home. She has found

Art has a gray scale, going from white to the deepest absence of
color, black. Using this as a metaphor we can understand how to capture some of
the true values in life (in between absolutes). We can know or see the lightest
to the darkest tones. Artist’s use these values in order to capture forms, light to
dark, and feelings. When we look at a color scheme, we can find many different
types of warm and cool values. They can appear where we least expect them, yet
retain the appearance of fitting in. Picasso was a world renowned leader as an artist, and yet late in
his life he saw the world through a child’s eyes, simplistic yet profound. He
came to the conclusion that the true artists were childlike because they were
not directed by technique, or as tainted by other’s opinions. There are many people who are artists, inventors
or scientists, inspired by observing what might be considered mundane. These
possibilities are the things of which dreams are made.

There are cultures that feel dreams are real experiences. The
aborigines in Australia believe dreamtime is not a mystical state of existence;
it is the waking life that is the illusion. There are other cultures that have
many of the same belief systems. And then other cultures believe their truth is
going into an alternate state of mind in order to find their path. Most
cultures use some kind of meditation or prayer as a common practice to connect
to consciousness. When integrating dreamtime, prayer, or meditation, let’s
ponder like those in some cultures, that these conscious realities may be an
illusion which can enrich our true selves. Let’s look at the many scientists
and inventors who have looked into their visions in order to find their
answers. Einstein looked at clocks and saw the potentials in time and space.
Some accounts even say he attributed the idea of relativity to his dreams or
meditations. Now it’s generally known as the theory of relativity; could you
imagine what would have happened if he did not share this with the world?

Albert Einstein, along with Leonardo da Vinci or Pablo
Picasso—these are just a few who allowed their imagery to give us the
possibilities. We look up to these famous people as prodigies and not just
regular people. All of them were just like many of us. Leonardo da Vinci was
from a very modest family. In his time it was very unusual for a man of his
status to become an artist, inventor, or visionary. Who would have thought to
ask a patent clerk what relativity was? Multi-dimensional ? perspective? Cubism?

Look at the so-called normal people. The definition of normal, In
Merriam-Webster dictionary “a: according with,
constituting, or not deviating from a norm, rule, or principle b: conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern”. Normality is letting our
society tell us what we should believe in or see. In order to illustrate my
point I’m going to use” Plato’s cave allegory”. Once there was a man who
stepped out of a cave and found a different realization of thought and reality
(life out of the cave). After finding these new thoughts, he went back to the
cave to share them. The others in the cave did not want to listen to these new
ideas and demanded him to stop or they would kill him. So for survival, he
ended up stepping back into the role that he had held as a simple cave dweller.
We are all unique, yet fear is a big factor in speaking out about what we
learn. Fear keeps us bound to “normal,” acceptable standards created by a
society that may be living in that dark cave, but we adhere to them, keeping
our light under a bushel so we won’t stand out.

I want you to consider these ideas to help you expand your
beliefs. When we think we are the experts on a subject, we can stop growing.
Our mentors need also to grow and remember that there are new ideas. Even now,
we are learning and growing every day. We find that the theory of relativity
has extensions, not the end, but a beginning. Possibilities.

Most people we love as icons started as little children; they just
didn’t forget the prospects of becoming unique. If we step out of the box and
learn to use abstract thoughts, we all are leaders, artists, inventors and
scientists. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Remember this word
strength. Understanding, as children, many of us used our imagination like
breathing. It was so easy for us, feeling that we could be anything. As
children we can look at a humble home and imagine it being a castle. The castle
has all the warmth and love that we want. There is an old saying “home is where
the heart is”  yet as we get older we are
taught that this household isn’t a castle but just a home. We now turn into the
man who feared that his life would be taken if he talked about a new reality, a
cave dweller. Logic is sometimes important, yet it only leads to two places.
Maybe dualism is just a closed (black and white) thought system, and yet there
are so many other ideas and colors that are here to inspire us.

In conclusion, we can have our dreams and grow as people if we
don’t forget that we started life as children who used all the abstract ideas within. Dream the impossible dream and it can come
true. Just like the movie “Wizard of oz.” we started by looking at the world in
black and white. After a while color comes into play and enriches our lives
with new possibilities.

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
There’s a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby
Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true.”

Food for thought.


September 11, 2001, Where Were You?

This is my memory as a woman and a psychic of the “The Day the
Earth Stood still.” September 11, 2001.

Three months before this date I had dreams of horrific content.
Some would be so detailed I would wake sweating and feeling the pain of others.
Other dreams had been more symbolic like two tornadoes hitting a new city and
destroying everyone in their path. I remember talking to my friend Claudia who
I was living with at the time. Claudia had written down my dreams and dates
them. One dream I remember was so horrifying I could smell the fear around me.
In this dream there were three people arguing. They seemed very cartoon like
and they were not involved with others in the room. These people finally got so
angry at each other that two got up had a knife and stabbed the third. The
people around them were standing in lines as they were getting food. Suddenly
all of them became fearful, in the glass building piercing their bodies. In
this dream they were screaming for help. I always wonder as a psychic why I
would have such vivid dreams if I can’t help.

On September 11, 2001 America, as well as the world suffered an
impact like we had never seen before. I lived in a little town in New Jersey at
the time, Somerville. It was about thirty miles from the Newark airport. The
planes that hit the twin towers may have flown above me before becoming a bomb.

That morning started off normal just like every other day. We
first got a call from Claudia’s daughter expressing her fears about her
boyfriend not calling her back after the appointment he had in New York.
Claudia reassured her that everything would be fine. This was before the first
plane had hit. Around 9:30 AM we first got a call from a friend of ours who
told us about the twin towers. We did not own a TV just a radio. At this time
we both felt sick. Claudia called her daughter asking if she had heard from her
boyfriend. Fortunately she had found out that traffic was backed up and he was
unable to attend this meeting. Other friends were not so lucky.

That day between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM the radio gave us details
about what was going on. In some ways I feel like we were lucky because seeing
it and feeling it would have been too overwhelming for us. We were asked to not
use the telephones services. My family who lived California got a hold of me
that day finding out that I was okay. All that day I felt a million screaming
souls who felt lost as some went into the light; I feel as a psychic that some
souls were torn out of their bodies so fast that they did not know where to go.
I felt a great divine presence that seemed to be around the souls that needed
guidance. Around 3:00 PM I felt a rush of tears all around me as if I was right
there by the twin towers. In fact, I got so sick I had to go into our restroom
and put a cold cloth on my neck. The day went on slowly as we got graphic news
from the radio. The other information we received was from friends who called
us in concern of our health.

Slowly the day turned into evening as if we were in a movie about
World War II. We were asked not to turn on the lights and keep inside that
evening. The Eerie feeling was still around us, getting information about
friends and family who worked in or around the ill fated buildings. It was
difficult because phone service was down or busy that day. The people caught in
New York weren’t able to make a simple call. Most of the lines were down. For
example, we had a friend’s father who worked in the twin towers. He had just
lost his mother the previous month and was terrified that his whole family was
gone. Thoughts of death were running through his mind. He finally got a call
from his father at 6PM that evening. This was his 30th birthday, a wonderful
present to hear, yet even after hearing from his father this young man was
still fearing of losing the rest of his family. That day was a nightmare he
would not easily forget. Many people had also lost others in and around the Pentagon.
A friend who had contracts with the government said he lost over a thousand
friends both in New York and DC.

Ten years ago a man who used others to
do his bidding, in the name of GOD, killed the hearts and souls of many. The
day after was also like a scene from a horror movie. People weren’t walking
around town. We tried to feel normal yet it was hard. There was a man who was
white, clean cut, out on the streets yelling ‘…they killed Jews,
African-Americans, and all those other people.’ Who would’ve guessed that it
was not the rants of a Muslim yet coming from a white supremacist? It was a nerve-racking
day. We all shared our stories of who had passed and who we heard from.
Everyone in our small town seemed to have lost so many. Our next-door neighbor from
South Africa had lost her husband.

Most will remember, all over the world,
where they were on September 11, 2001. No one felt safe. We can still go into
New York and see the battle scars. We as a nation won’t forget. New York can
still feel some souls wandering around trying to find their way because they
were they were yanked out of their bodies so quickly. Other people had visions,
dreams, and feelings of dread. Don’t discount these intuitive accounts. Maybe
we can somehow change events or help soul’s crossing over into the light. I’ve
learned to write down the vivid thoughts, visions, and dreams; not to take my
dreams for granted. As thoughts come rushing into my mind, we can use these
psychic dreams to remember what happened and in the future we can possibly
change these events.

Where were you on this day September 11, 2001? Did you have dreams about it?

Do you think we can change historical events as psychics/people by speaking up
and talking about our shared vivid thoughts, visions, and dreams?

This blog is dedicated to all families who were touched by this day.