My Faith & Healing


            When I was born with bilateral congenital hip dysplasia a birth the defect; going in and out of hospitals. I learned that faith in God would help heal.  I had good doctors, nurses and my family was always there for me. As a child, I had no reason to believe I was sick or disabled because of my faith in God. I feel that my sense of belief in magic, God and the divine helped me get through many experiences.

            As a child I wasn’t able walk around because being in full body cast, my mom put me in a red wagon pulling me around everywhere. This gave me strength the ability to know there was nothing wrong with me; it was just a process to get better. In the movie Forest Gump, we see a boy turning into a man with such faith that he begins to run to get away from negative blocks in his life. This is the faith I’m talking about, the faith of a child, or a mustard seed. We see everything can come true even when the odds seem bigger than we can imagine.

            As I grew up I continued to know there was magic in life and God. Some people may say I had imaginary friend (a unicorn). I just called him my special friend, asking permission from him to take me places which I could not go or do with my legs. I never saw him as imaginary remembering how soft he was plus hand on his white nose he had spots of brown all over his body. All I had to do was ask he would take me all over, anyplace I wanted.  If others would ask me how I would know certain things I just looked at them telling them it was my friend that gave me the information. I just knew he was always there for me in my dreams others didn’t need to know anything else; my imaginary friend is just there for me and he was magic from God.


             Faith as a mustard seed is what I believe, such a true form of healing. In those few words, close your eyes, take it in. What does that mean to you? When you visualized a mustard seed, so small in appearance, we can do anything in our lives we can move mountains or just call the wind.


            As I was growing up I felt the touch of the Divine. When I was around 11 they had to put me in isolation room because of an infection in my hip. I had tears in my eyes trying to hold on to my belief. In the darkness, I was felt the essence of Jesus around me.  This is the poem that I wrote (my first):

“When life seems so dark and dim,

When all the light is out within,

God is the one we trust,

To bring back the light we lost.”

By Anne Triplett (Maiden name}

I saw Jesus right next to my bed and I felt comforted my tears went away slowly and went to sleep.


            This was how I got me through my struggles of feeling alone. Because I wasn’t alone, I always had the Divine presence looking over me, a knowing.

            I had some people tell me if I faith God would heal me. For a long time, it really hurt me knew my faith was strong. Then in a dream I heard angelic voice giving me the answer for this question. Who can really see a blind person pays attention to everything, or person who sees and does not pay attention to what’s around them?

It felt right to me because every morning that I woke up and saw the sun and heard all the things of the world I was delighted and amazed. At times when I could walk outside I would take my arms and asked the North wind to come to me. There was this big tree in our front yard and I always felt the warmth of the wind magically coming to me through the divine love of God.


             I’m using my words reminding you of the story of the rich man came to Jesus Christ. He said all master I do what God tells me to do. Giving money to the church, making my sacrifices and giving to the poor what can I do to make sure I get into the kingdom of heaven. Jesus looks upon the man and says right now come with me and the man looked at Jesus with sad eyes and walked away. If you remember the story Jesus looked at his apostles and said it’s harder for a rich man to get into the kingdom of heaven than a camel walking through a needle. When I hear this story, I think that he had everything and he couldn’t give that up.

Luke 18:25
Indeed, it is easier for a camel to pass through an eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

             It’s because when I feel weak I know I will get through any pain. When I hear faith as a mustard seed that this means anyone can move mountains.

            When we are afraid give it to God and visualize that small mustard seed. Stay calm. Pay Attention to your breathing, heartbeat and everything around. This is the faith I’m talking about. When you’re in the deepest sorrows give it to God always remembering you will protect.

             Anyone can help people realize we are not alone. In that one phrase, faith is stronger than anyone can imagine. Even though people saw a little girl in a body cast, wheelchair, crutches, or walker, I am never alone. We are never alone, the Divine Light within us means so much. We are all loved, this is my feeling of true healing.

Even Buddha had to go through his journey to become enlightenment.

“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.



           We’re always living with, music, love and magic around us to share. Even if you feel alone, God and the angels will take pain, helping with your tears in his way. We as people are all connected in the energies even science is finding out the threads we all have together. The positive love will always get through any negative problems just like Forest Gump.  So, meditate to the divine when you can’t get through pain, magical angelic forces you. You can visualize a mustard see, remember the faith you had as a child. My hope is that we find our healing together in love getting through all the fears we may have not being alone.



 Food for Thought