Paranormal Mystery in Southern California;

October is a time for ghost stories and I don’t want to disappoint you.

As a young girl I often encountered spirits, it was always natural for me.

Ghosts are another subject; the definition of ghost to me is: Earthbound spirits who haven’t found peace or want to walk around with the living.

I have had a few experiences with ghosts. This is one of my encounters, which today seems funny and I laugh at, because I would have understood and handled it differently today.

We begin in the afternoon right after school. It was around autumn when this adventure occurred. My new friend Cheryl invited myself and four other friends to a sleep-over. It was her birthday and we were going to her family cabin for the weekend, what a perfect party celebration. It was our first year in high school, so the mystery begins.

Her mother put all our things in the back of their SUV and we started off to their cabin, excited and as young girls do, chatting away about school, the older boys, and singing a few songs. Cheryl then told us how the previous owners of the cabin had told them there were weird things going on, like things moving for no apparent reason.

She continued by saying that an older couple had been seen late at night walking in and out of some of the lodge cabins.Though Cheryl’s mom, Stephanie, said they had never seen or heard anything unusual themselves. The day was just after Halloween; thinking that she was just trying to scare us we just listened, not really taking it too seriously.

We got to the cabin before the sunset and put our stuff away. It was lovely; it had a nice fireplace with a big bedroom. Stephanie, suggested some dinner and then hot chocolate. We were all excited about this adventure. As Stephanie cooked dinner we went out around the cabin looking at all the wildlife. But there was a chill in the air so we
quickly came back in to eat.

We had a lovely dinner and Stephanie started a fire. She picked up some marshmallows to roast, and again we started chatting away. Cheryl began talking about a couple that was murdered in the area.

I really wasn’t scared and never found the afterlife intimidating. The others seem to listen with eyes wide open. After the story we all chatted away about what we would do the next day. There was an ice skating rink we wanted to go to and all of us seemed to be excited. I had never skated before so I had some reservations about being on the ice.

Like all slumber parties minutes turned into hours and soon we had
Cheryl’s mother coming out asking us to settle down so we would be rested for
the next day. The fire we had started that evening as dwindling down to embers which turned into a soft light. We slept on the floor in sleeping bags and the other girls seem to drift off to sleep.

I found myself feeling uneasy; then I saw a mist in the middle of the room, a mist
coming towards me. I slowly seemed to get my eyes focused and noticed in front
of me, two older people, a man and a woman, who came close to me and screamed
“GET OUT OF HERE, WE WANT ALL OF YOU TO LEAVE!” I was very disturbed with the
experience and screamed, so loudly that I woke up the entire household. I
didn’t know what to do or feel at this time. This had scared me beyond belief.

We all got up and Stephanie came into the room trying to calm us down. I tried to
explain what I had seen yet they all felt that this was some sort of a dream.
The two people “ghosts” were so vivid, yet nobody could believe me.

We settled back down and everyone else slowly went back to sleep, except for me. I never really rested that night I was on alert. The next morning it was beautiful though we had a squawking jaybird outside the kitchen window as we ate breakfast. Nobody talked about the incident and we continued our day. Skating went fine (no falling on the ice)
and after the day was through we went back to the cabin.

On the second night we ended up going to sleep early. It was a restless night for me, very
disturbed and feeling uneasy, but with no other apparitions. The night finally
passed and then it was the morning, we were going to go back home.

We got up, getting ourselves together and back into the SUV. I was very relieved. This was
my first experience with ghosts, one that they definitely seemed to not want us
there. When I got home, I chatted with my mother about this event.

Mom told me that she had been through a few incidents which she had experiences like this one. She helped me feel somewhat better but I was never to forget it.

As I look back today, I would’ve dealt with this differently. I’ve since learned how
to deal with ghosts not letting them scare me. Understanding that all they
wanted was to have some silence.

This same or similar incident had happened to other people in this area
as well. When I investigate a haunting today, I will look up stories about the
area and always ask the ghosts what they need: Just like I would ask any
person, who seemed to be in distress or having problems.

When I got older I looked up Wrightwood, California (where the cabin was) and found that there were many stories like mine. This was my first scary ghost encounter and would not be my last as a young clairvoyant.

Food for thought