Remembrance –

We’re come into this world with a new physical body.  The first day we’re born to around 5 to 8 years old a lot of people forget about this other side. My family lineage from my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother had different psychic gifts. I feel I had a soul contract from the other side to help people understand, they can get over pains, grief, and many other types of melancholy. One of the greatest gifts we may all have is what I call a knowing (remembrance). There are many things that we remember from our past lives that make no sense to us, it is an intuitive gift.

How many times do you go to a place and know that you just know where you’re going. There is intuitive knowledge, you go down to the street turn left and then the house you’ve never seen before feels like home. You may even have a dream before you go on a trip and feel like you just know the streets. Intuition is hard for many people because we can dismiss it as imagination.

What is imagination anyway? Authors – artists of many books and paintings seem to be fiction yet they for us see the future. When you get a dream, and feel like you been into a car accident this is an intuitive knowing, pay attention. I have studied philosophy and just have an intuitive knowledge. I always find it fascinating because it just makes sense to me. This is something which is learned I believe from a past life.

I’ve had many near-death experiences and I believe that this helps me remember certain things from my past lives. I’m in an interesting profession as a psychic – medium and I try to understand this is much as I can yet at times it is hard to understand because it’s not the typical profession. I help people when they’re confused or need help to combat their questions of this life or the other side and it makes me feel good.

When you go to a place that seems like you been there before, trust that instinct, follow your dreams or intuition and you will get far. Try not to let the world tell you it’s just in your mind, have or trust the understanding of the past lives or remembrance.

Explore your life and have fun. Know that experiences are so important for your path with this life. The people you meet and seem to know, trust your instincts. Some of us will even write books about these magnificent intuitive gifts or if you like we can call them imagination. Step out of the box and see all for what it is, a wonderful world of enlightenment and other dimensional understandings. You can choose to remember.



Food for Thought