Thoughts for the Day

How many of us get up each morning thinking: Where, what, who and how am I going to get everything done today??

Rush,   Rush,   Rush, being on
time for work, what you need to do for your husband/wife, children, family and friends, this is important, yet how many times do we think about our own needs?

The Bible and other Divine writings make it very clear to ‘love ourselves as we
love others’, taking care of our body, mind and soul.  When we take
the time to feed our souls, we are going to feel better about our day. Our loved
ones will feel healthier, as well, because we have fewer anxieties from our
daily stresses.

Positive energies being put out
into the universe helps everyone feel more balance. Like a smile
or like laughter is contagious. Quiet times can be 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30
minutes, or 1440 minutes ‘if we feel lucky’. When we don’t take those few
minutes of quite, we may find our minutes slipping away without noticing what we
are loosing. Questioning who we are, becoming overwhelmed; opening
many thoughts and emotions without cause is not healthy for our mental well

We can move so very fast at times in our “E-world”, that we just forget about our own needs. If we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we expect to take of care our loved ones? Can you do your best, at work, at home, or any where, if you forget to love
yourself?  Many feel in conflict with their souls, loosing perspective by defining themselves by everyone else’s viewpoints (or lives).
Some who are reading this may be thinking, “Who is this person?
There isn’t enough time in the day to stop?”

I will say it again; it can be any amount of time. When we can slow down, just for that small amount, it will help us feel as fresh as the mountain air.

Then, we can continue to the next moment.
‘BE’ harmonious with the world around you and the day will move smoother and  happier. So think about: How can I make time for myself? Try to fit a few minutes here or there, taking a deep breath, its’ your life.

You won’t feel so overwhelmed and your needs WILL be met. You can help others by taking care of who you are (body, mind and soul). THEN you can “Rush, Rush, Rush,” and still be in harmony and balance even when you need to be on the go.

Food for thought