The Journey

When we are born into this world as innocent souls (babes), the directions we have chosen are very clear. As new souls we remember where we came from and where we’re going. Not yet contaminated by the worlds’ ideas and fears. As our life flows forward we start to forget that we’re neutral souls with just pure love around us. We start to learn how to fear, forgetting the pureness of joy, faith, and harmony from the divine. We see on our path, there are many rocks in the way (fear), so the clarity gets suppressed. Moving through issues, we get muddy, we move towards confusion. Finding ourselves learning about sins, shames, and biases, these affect our journey. Sometimes, we’re overwhelmed with all the drama from others. So now we have learned impurity (Not Love) overpowering emotions, judgments and pains. We forget the purity we came into this world with. Our family and friends will be the first souls shaping us. We can get poisoned from some belief systems; then not trusting, the feeling of ‘lost’ can grow. The pureness of love, the conscious, we had in the beginning becomes polluted and turns into fear.

As life experiences increase, we move faster and a bit bigger. Guess what happens next? As more difficult experiences get in our way, we learn to deal with them but picking up the baggage. Some of us find it easier than others. Some will feel so overwhelmed that the troubles feel negative. The struggles can get in our way. Small, medium or large; learning how to deal with them can confuse us even more.

Now here is where Karma comes into play, our life lessons. Do we remember the beginning, a non toxic soul? Learning how to deal with fears that get in our way?

We come to a place I will call “destiny”, trying to find how we can move pass these turning points. Feeling blocked, uncontrollable pain, we can become cold and lost. We see another soul who we imagine can connect with us. We’re not feeling so separated, lonely and dark; being embraced by the warmth and protection of the new soul. The “illusion” is becoming bigger, stronger, and faster than before. Fears are slowly forgotten, and seem to leave us. The struggles we now remember seem fewer. We feel that the other soul will protect us. Then, he/she moves always from us because their life lessons are different than ours, protecting themselves from the danger of getting off their true course. Destiny creeps in. Our fears seem to revisit, not ever truly resolved. The illusion fades, reality sets in, a life lesson.

How do we deal with this lesson? Positive? Negative? Neutral? Our life lessons become harder because we’re not protecting ourselves from these fears. We let toxic waste overwhelm us at every point, disharmony enters our lives. When our life lessons are not learned, they can become rockier and more difficult. Destiny again pops in, if we choose to follow the illusion, we don’t grow. Free will is not as easy as it seems. We find ourselves trying to move towards our path once again. Others come to us from our soul group also moving toward consciousness. So we join with them and flow faster with excitement, but there are doubts and other confusing ideas. We can feel lost and lonelier again than ever. An ignored lesson, a lesson not learned an illusion, so let it be recognized. We can grow and flow, towards harmony and love as long as we act upon life.

In the beginning as innocent souls, as babes, we are not contaminated, we are clear and warm. We’re not tainted by negative thoughts. We learned about sins, shames, biases and loose our purity. We need to learn how to overcome our obstacles, the mountains that get in our way. The passage back to our true selves, the journey reclaiming how to “love thyself”. It is our destiny to be whole and in harmony. If we do truly love, then we can see through the illusions. Learning life’s lessons can be easier than we think. Thinking that by just connecting to someone in life will help our lives and destiny is the deception. We need to love ourselves, feeling in harmony, and then we become capable to love others, as our true divine destiny.

Food for Thought