A Psychic Viewpoint

Have done psychic readings for both men and women for many years.

My expertise lies in picking up on current or past situations, such as relationships, business or any issues someone may be dealing with. For instance, if a client has questions
regarding a romantic relationship, I am able to get an overall feel. I can pick
up easily on past events and what the other person may be feeling.

I am very good at helping guide someone in the right, or more positive direction. In my practice, it’s common that when I am consulted, people have very specific questions. For
instance; “Will John and I ever get married?” Or “Am I going to get that promotion?”

As an intuitive, I do the best I can with making a prediction. I never claim to be 100% accurate. I don’t believe any person is ever 100% accurate no matter what they say and I
often warn people against such claims.

I see what I see. There are times when I see things very clearly but I don’t see everything all the time. If the question is about getting a promotion and I get a vision or a
feeling like the answer is yes, I might be right. But because of free-will, I
don’t or can’t see everything. Sometimes, we are not supposed to know what’s
coming as it may alter what should be taking place. For example, if everything
is set in place for the client to get the promotion, but something occurs at a
later date, like perhaps the decision maker moves to another position and a new
decision maker steps in before any promotion is announced, what I saw
previously changes. I catch glimpses of what may come but I don’t always see
the whole picture. I like to advise people to listen to their own intuition as
well as having a reading, with me or any other psychic.

This brings me to timelines. I might see something happen. But I may not get any specific time. It is very difficult to pin point by a guess that I might make. It can feel
close but close is a relative term. Close to me might be a year while my client
is anxious for things to start ASAP. I have a good track record for predictions. Occasionally I get a date, day or month. Visions or feelings are not scientific.

I also am able to communicate with those on the other side. I am asked about how I am able to do this and I am not sure. In fact, I question my psychic abilities all the time
and am always seeking ways to better understand how and why I have this
ability. Sometimes a client may be asking about work, and their deceased
brother shows up with a message. The messages do not always have deep meanings.
Sometimes they are silly or sometimes, I believe it’s just a way for that soul
on the other side to find a way to let their loved one know they are there. I
pass along the information I get even if it doesn’t make sense to me. It may
make sense to my client.

I take what I do seriously and I always come from a place of compassion. I never give
information that will be terribly upsetting unless I can see a way to prevent
it. We all have this ability to a degree and I happen to be able to call on it
rather frequently. I feel that my readings are not just about psychic messages
but about helping my clients get a better grasp on what they are dealing with
and be able to forge ahead with more confidence. I am also honest. If I cannot
pick up on anything, I will let you know so that you do not have to pay for a
reading that isn’t going to help you.

Last, I would like to tell anyone that you must beware of the people out there that only try to scare you for money. It’s not uncommon that I hear stories where a client was told by
another reader they have a life threatening disease or a curse and the psychic
can remove it for a fee. If ANYONE ever tells you this, RUN!

A psychic consultation doesn’t always guarantee you will hear what you want to hear but when someone uses fear to make you pay them more money, you need to know they are taking advantage and not at all working from a positive place.

Food for throught

I want to dedication my BLOG to Author
Kimberley A. Johnson who inspired me.