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How many of us get up each morning thinking: Where, what, who and how am I going to get everything done today?? Rush,   Rush,   Rush, being on time for work, what you need to do for your husband/wife, children, family and friends, this is important, yet how many times do we think about our own […]

Paranormal Mystery in Southern California;

October is a time for ghost stories and I don’t want to disappoint you. As a young girl I often encountered spirits, it was always natural for me. Ghosts are another subject; the definition of ghost to me is: Earthbound spirits who haven’t found peace or want to walk around with the living. I have […]


Dream the Impossible Dream Dreams can come true by working outside the box and understanding that life isn’t just black and white. There are all kinds of gray tones in our world, and most of the time we, being logical, have a hard time seeing the possibilities. Dualism can help us to an extent, yet […]

September 11, 2001, Where Were You?

This is my memory as a woman and a psychic of the “The Day the Earth Stood still.” September 11, 2001. Three months before this date I had dreams of horrific content. Some would be so detailed I would wake sweating and feeling the pain of others. Other dreams had been more symbolic like two […]


Waking up in my room, hearing voices all round me, it seems never ending. Outside everyone was racing to get somewhere or do something. There is a mid-size window by my bed that I look out to see what the weather is like today. I hear a voice calling out my name, “Anne, Anne Temple… […]